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District Center

The Bordeaux Centre area, the city's historic core, is both busy and charming. On the terraces of the Vieux-Bordeaux, Place Saint-Pierre, and Place du Parlement, as well as along the banks of the Garonne, the beautiful Place de la Bourse surrounding area is renowned for its street life, the city's iconic landmark. Aside from the various historical structures that add to the area's appeal, such as the Saint-André church or the Palais Rohan, the area is marked by a typical architectural stamp that influenced the Haussmannian architecture of Paris. This is particularly true of the Golden Triangle, Bordeaux's most exclusive quarter, a bustling neighborhood energized by the Great Men's Market, the Grand Tourny's events, the tranquility of the Esplanade des Quinconces, the leisure and amenities of the Garonne quays, the attractiveness of the Saint-Pierre district streets, the shops of Mériadeck, and even the Public Garden a refuge of quietness amidst the city vibrancy, which offers private town houses and luxury apartments.

Chartrons / Jardin public

The Chartrons is a delightful neighborhood to wander, with its Quai famous for factory-priced goods, alternative boutiques, art workshops, and antique shops. The living space is both comfortable and genuine. One of France's first organic markets is located in the neighborhood. The atmosphere on the rue Notre-Dame side is that of a village, with flowers, friendliness, and a bohemian flair. Families are seduced by the area green spaces quality and quantity, its vibrancy, and its attractive location, the transportation network, cultural places, and schools or universities.


Caudéran, one of Bordeaux's largest and most populated neighborhoods, has maintained a family spirit and a welcoming village ambiance. The district of Caudéran consists of individual residences with private land and collective ecosystems with parks, squares, walks, and tall trees. It is considered a garden city and it is perfect for family living. This neighborhood offers a lovely quality of life thanks to its peacefulness and it is close to Bordeaux's city core. Families with children can choose from a variety of institutions, including prestigious private schools. The existence of the Parc Bordelais, the city's ancient green lung, provides an endless supply of entertainment: from the animal park with extensive routes for running or cycling to the rides and shaded benches.

Nansouty / St Genes

South of the Place de la Victoire, the Nansouty / Saint-Genès district distinguishes itself by its variety of aspects, between the quiet family environment of Saint-Genès and the village and shopping atmosphere of Nansouty. This area, which is crossed by the tramway, benefits from various high-quality facilities and historical buildings such as the Notre-Dame-des-Anges and Sainte-Geneviève churches add to its allure. Place Nansouty is a cheerful and bustling neighborhood known for its many distinct townhouses, old bourgeois homes and traditional stalls.

St Augustin

West of the city center, the Saint-Augustin district, named after the eponymous church, used to be a countryside vacation spot for the rich merchant families from Bordeaux. Today the neighborhood attracts many families with numerous large mansions and houses with garden, ideally located on the edge of the city. The Saint-Augustin district is characterized by a calm and pleasant cozy atmosphere. Thanks to its direct close access to the tramway line, the center of Bordeaux is less than 15mn away. It also benefits from an advantageous geographical location. With its numerous merchants and craftsmen giving it a vibrant and artsy vibe, the Saint-Augustin district also offers numerous green and sports infrastructures, such as the Parc Lescure, the Chaban-Delmas stadium, home of Bordeaux’s rugby team: the UBB, and the Pellegrin University Hospital, all of which attract people from all over the city.

Bordeaux Sud

This popular district of Bordeaux is currently undergoing major changes, supported by ambitious urban renewal projects. The heart of Bordeaux Sud is the Saint-Michel district and its famous Capucins farmers market whose lively and vibrant character and mouthwatering food stands are very attractive. In the neighboring streets around Saint-Michel church and its famous "arrow", the district gathers a great number of shops and restaurants and café terraces, which are ideal spots if you’d like to enjoy the atmosphere of the Aquitaine capital city. A few steps away, the area around the Saint-Jean high speed train station is undergoing a profound transformation and is witnessing the construction of modern and state-of-the-art office buildings destined to be the future major business districts of Bordeaux city.

Bordeaux Maritime

As its name suggests, the Bordeaux Maritime district is fully in line with the city's marine heritage and the strategic and economic importance of the Garonne river. The city’s port area, the Bassins à Flots, was used as an expedition point for the wine produced all over the region for centuries. It also houses a former WWII submarine base which has been transformed into an exhibition venue. Further north, the Bordeaux-Lac, a 160-hectare leisure lake is a perfect spot for a picnic or watersports. Formerly one of the industrial hearts of Bordeaux, the district is now regaining economic attractiveness by becoming again a major development pole for the city. Important new buildings have been constructed, such as the Cité du Vin, a wine museum celebrating local terroir and wine production, and the Chaban-Delmas bridge. In the wake of this renewal, in the last decade, a multitude of modern real estate developments have appeared, combining ecological concerns with quality of life.

La Bastide

On the other side of the Garonne River, the right bank of the city, La Bastide district offers residential buildings and a peaceful environment. Connected to the city center by the Pont de Pierre and the Chaban-Delmas bridge, as well as by the tramway, La Bastide neighborhood has benefited from numerous rehabilitation projects designed to revitalize the area and to attract newcomers and families. Around the Botanical Garden, several ex-industrial wastelands have been renovated and repurposed into parks and green housing units. The Espace Darwin, which were former military barracks from the 19th century have been fully rehabilitated, now hosts a myriad of NGO’s, startups and artist shops and is as part of an ambitious eco-responsible project.
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